SIB Net - Small Innovative
Business Promotion Network

SIB Net project will evaluate the need of early stage advice and risk finance for new business ideas with high growth potential and will assess measures to encourage supply of spin-offs from regional research centres. The backbone of project foresee development of appropriate idea accelerators to increase the flow of sustainable vital innovative business ideas, including creativity forums, establishment of two new pre-incubators, matching idea authors with skilled entrepreneurs and two policy tools that can be transferred to other regions to reach faster innovative business idea acceleration.

Project aims to design feasibility studies of Proof of concept and Pre-seed funds in the project area, and to evaluate their importance and economic return. As a third outcome partners will encourage nascent entrepreneurs by organising cross-border business idea competition creating efficient matching and training mechanisms in the regions, investor forums arrangement and research on BAN creation opportunities.

Gazelle type new firm development will be realised re-designing the feasibility study and model of technology incubator scheme. Special attention will be paid to elaborate policy recommendations on regional and national level.

Special attention will be paid to raise awareness and consensus between all stakeholders involved, to increase the understanding about the early stage high risk entrepreneurship issues, to create social dialogue on innovative entrepreneurship and to share and disseminate the results of the project locally and internationally. This is aimed also to build effective cross-border knowledge transfer platform for target parties.

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